Scheduled Railbelt Reliability Council Board Meetings

Public Notice: The RRC Board plans to hold monthly regular meetings on the first Monday of every month from 1:15-4:00 pm via Zoom until the RCA makes its certification decision. Interested members of the public may participate remotely. Please send a request for remote participation information to

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Scheduled meetings of the Railbelt Reliability Council Board of Directors:

Railbelt Reliability Council Board of Directors
August 1, 2022 Meeting Agenda (Click to view Agenda) 

Railbelt Reliability Council Board of Directors
September 12, 2022 Meeting Agenda
Notice: Changes to the Bylaws to be voted on at this meeting

Railbelt Reliability Council
October 3, 2022 Meeting Agenda

Scheduled meetings of the RRC Committees

RRC Infrastructure Committee
August 17, 2022 Meeting Agenda (Click to View)

RRC Infrastructure Committee
August 31, 2022 Meeting Agenda (Click to View)

Other RRC Meetings

RRC Work Session – August 22, 2022 (Click to View)

RRC Work Session – August 29, 2022 (Click to View)

A New Path for Managing Alaska’s Largest Electrical Grid

The RRC will provide a forum and structure for six interconnected Railbelt utilities, along with seven non-utility stakeholders, to work together to address Railbelt-wide regional electric system issues to ensure grid resilience and reduce long term costs.

The RRC will define and enforce electric reliability standards, coordinate joint planning through an integrated resource planning process and ensure consistent interconnection protocols for utilities, independent power producers and others who would like to use the grid.  The RRC will also work with the RCA to develop a cost sharing methodology for assets that have a regional benefit and will also study if there are effective ways for the Railbelt electric system to reduce fuel costs for ratepayers.

RRC Update – March 25, 2022

The RRC Implementation Committee (IC) has now transitioned into the RRC board of directors during a March 14 organizational meeting.  The RRC is officially incorporated in Alaska and all Board members and officers were carried over from the volunteer RRC Implementation Committee.

The RRC filed an application to become the designated Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) for the Railbelt interconnected electric system on March 25, 2022 which can be found on the RCA website.

Until approved by the RCA, the RRC will meet monthly to conduct business and will focus on completing tasks that will allow the organization to hit the ground running once certificated by the RCA. In addition, the organization will respond to RCA orders and other requests related to the application docket.

View Past RRC Board Meeting Agendas <here>

View Approved RRC or RRC IC Meeting Minutes <here>

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Regulatory Commission of Alaska – Docket: E-22-001


The Right Solution at the Right Time

The RRC meets requirements established in a 2015 letter <view here> from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) to the Alaska State Legislature indicating the need for reform on the Railbelt and requesting voluntary solutions from the utilities.  As a culmination of months of discussions amongst the utilities, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by all utilities detailing the framework of the RRC. Non-utility stakeholders, including independent power producers, the RCA, consumer groups and others assisted in the MOU process.    The MOU can be viewed <here>.

A Balanced, Transparent Approach

The RRC Board of Directors is currently led by a mix of utility and non-utility stakeholders. In addition to the six utility seats, the committee includes six non-utility seats:

  • an organization/individual representing residential consumers
  • an organization representing large commercial/industrial consumers
  • an organization representing environmental interests
  • one independent, non-affiliated member
    As well as 2 ex officio, non-voting seats

Establishing the RRC 

The Implementation Committee has now completed its duties and transitioned to the fully incorporated RRC Board of Directors.

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