When accidents happen, the investigation is an important part of the claims process. It is extremely important to find out how and why the accident happened to ensure it doesn’t happen again. ARECA Insurance Exchange (AIE) is offering a workshop this fall that will give attendees the tools to conduct an accident investigation in a confident and successful manner.

The AIE Insurance Workshop Utility Accident Investigation Training, on October 13, will cover a variety of topics utility employees need to know before an accident investigation happens. This training is geared toward a range of employees, such as CEOs, safety managers, directors of operations, dispatch managers, line superintendents, and public relations personnel, among others.

The registration fee is $400 for AIE Subscribers and $500 for non-AIE subscribers. Register by clicking the following link: AIE Insurance Workshop Registration Link

The workshop will take place at The Megan Room in Anchorage and virtually for those who can’t attend in-person. Visit APA’s website at www.alaskapower.org for more information and for a hotel discount.

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For questions, please contact Don Maynor, AIE Loss Control and Safety Specialist, at 907-250-8560.

APA Training, Workshop, and Conference Cancellation Policy – APA reserves the right to cancel any workshop, training, or conference due to low enrollment. Minimum enrollment requirements may vary from workshop to workshop or training to training depending on speaker fees and other related costs. APA will give registered attendees as much notice as possible and work with attendees on refunds or credits for future trainings or workshops.

For a full refund, written cancellations must be received 15 business days prior to the start date of the training, workshop, or conference. Cancellations received 7 business days prior to the start date of the training, workshop, or conference are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations received less than 7 business days prior to the start date of the training, workshop, or conference are not eligible for a refund. In many instances, APA has already incurred costs related to the training, workshop, or conference and the cancellation fee helps to cover those costs. Registered attendees may transfer their registration to another attendee, with notice given to APA prior to the training, workshop, or conference. If no prior notice is given, then APA will charge for any additional attendees that may be present and not previously registered. For more information contact Michael Rovito at 907-771-5711 or via email mrovito@alaskapower.org.

Virtual Event Attendance – APA, or in some cases the Instructor of the training, workshop, or conference, will take attendance. This will usually occur at the beginning of the training, workshop, or conference. It might be in the form of a voice roll call, or monitoring participants listed on the call or video platform. APA will consider each guest and phone number a unique registrant and bill the entity accordingly. For some trainings, workshops, or conferences, APA needs to capture the attendance and submit names to an accrediting institution, so the attendees receive accurate credit for the event. To accurately track attendance, please arrive on time and if you know you will be late please contact APA. If you will be calling in for a training, please state the phone number you are calling from when introducing yourself.

Virtual Training & Workshop Digital Material Etiquette – As APA conducts more trainings, workshops, and conferences in the virtual setting, please remember that digital information and links to content and trainings are intended for the sole registered attendee of a training or workshop. These materials should not be distributed unless authorized by the instructor or person presenting the information.