Alaska Power Association runs a comprehensive state and federal government relations program. These programs are designed to advance the goals of APA’s members: to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electric power to consumers. Each year, APA’s Board of Directors approves policy positions for state and federal issues that guide the association’s advocacy efforts. We welcome you to review the policy positions below. Electric energy is the cornerstone of a successful economy and APA’s policy positions are designed to help support that concept through law and policy.


APA 2024 State Policy Positions

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APA 2024 Federal Policy Positions

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Alaska Committee for the Advancement of Rural Electrification (AK-CARE): A tradition of helping candidates who support electrification

The Alaska Committee for the Advancement of Rural Electrification (AK CARE) was organized by Alaska’s electric cooperative leaders in 1985.

AK CARE contributions are for candidates who support rural electrification efforts that benefit more than a half-million Alaska electric consumers. AK CARE is nonpartisan and makes contributions on the basis of a candidate’s support for positions and policies endorsed by the membership of Alaska Power Association.

AK CARE also has a partnership with the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE®),NRECA’s political action committee. ACRE was formed in 1966 with the mission of making the voice of rural electric cooperative consumers heard in the U.S. Congress. Currently, ACRE is among the top 100 largest PACs in the nation with more than 30,000 individuals contributing. ACRE is truly a grassroots roots PAC. Nearly 6,000 NRECA members, who are electric co-op consumer-owners, have joined the ACRE Co-op Owners for Political Action Committee®!

The primary purpose of ACRE is to advance the legislative goals of electric cooperatives across the country. ACRE makes campaign contributions to candidates for Congress who support electric cooperative goals, who share electric cooperative values, and who want electric cooperatives to be successful.

To donate to AK CARE, click the button below or contact APA’s Deputy Director or the Executive Coordinator at the links below the PayPal button. If you don’t have a PayPal account but want to pay by credit card, simply click the “continue” link near the bottom left of the text area on the page.

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For details on how to join Alaska Power Association’s AK CARE and ACRE efforts, or to obtain contribution forms, contact the Deputy Director or the Executive Assistant at (907) 771-5700.

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APA Letters and Comments on Legislation

APA Supports Senate Bill 33

This bill extends the Renewable Energy Grant Fund (REF) program for 10 years. The new program termination date in the bill is June 30, 2033.

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